5 Aspects of a Relationship

5 Aspects of a Relationship

A relationship is the most important aspect of our life, without which our life is meaningless. Most of us fail in maintaining a good relationship as a result, we witness many tensions in our life. You must introspect about it and try to find out the exact reasons if you want to overcome this challenge.

Changing circumstances force you to change your lifestyle and behavior, which are the major reasons for tension in your relationship. Under such circumstances, it is really hard for you to focus on the relationship aspect along with other aspects of your life.

If you want to fix the relationship issues, then you need to fix each and every issue. And, remember this you need to do consistently, as the issues would raise time and again. No need to panic, instead of fixing issues all the time, you can easily solve relationship issues by knowing the following five important aspects of the relationship.

  1. Different entity with identity:

It is obvious to have tension in your relationship and most of us do have the same experience. You need to understand that you and life partner or friend or anybody, are two different entities. You are different from your life partners, you have your own set of preferences and choices. Similarly, the other person with whom you have relations is a different entity and has a different identity. It is obvious there would difference between two different personalities and identities. In order to maintain a good relationship, you need to respect other’s choices and preferences. You need to see things from their point of view and perspective, in order to understand them. For a better understanding and relationship, always be open accept other’s feeling and thoughts.    

  1. Common Plane:

This is the second aspect, which will give you insight on your relationship with another person. You must know that you are standing at one point, whereas your life partner or friend is standing at another point. The distance between you two could be termed as ‘common plane’. So, a relationship is all about managing this common plane between two different entities. Any deviation at any point of time in the common plane causes tension in your relationship. All you need to do is to maintain a perfect balance in your relationship and stay connected. If you are looking for permanent solutions to your relationship problems, you need to understand this aspect, adopt it and see your life will be transformed.

  1. Coordinates (representation and realization)

For a better relationship, you need to adopt this aspect as well, which suggests two important tasks for you – representation and realizations. In a relationship, you need to focus on the representation. As you know, you and your friend or life partner are two different entities, your representation matters much to keep the relationship healthy and any changes in this causes tension. Always remember you can realize yourself only, but others could see your representation.  So, try to build your image and impression which would define you in a positive way.   

  1. Past, Present and Future (Location, experience traverse)

One popular saying goes like this “nothing is permanent, except change”.  You need to pay attention to your relationship for happiness in life. In the changing pattern, you may come across many people in your life, but, hardly do you remember all or give any sort of importance to all except the people with whom you have a relationship.  No matter at what position you are at, but you care about your family members, friends, life partners and others.  

  1. Expectations and its Management:

Your expectations differ from your life partner or friends and obviously there would be some issues in your relationship. If you want to transform your life by having a good relationship with others, no need to focus many things. Simply, you can focus on their expectations – what they want from you or what qualities they like. You will get the answer and see by living to their expectations, you will win them all. The relationship is the art of managing expectations. Issues in relationship rise because of failing in handling self-expectation. If you are good at self-expectation management, then you can maintain a good relationship with others. You need to accept this aspect to avoid any sort of relationship issues in your life.

There will be relationship issues at every stage of life, but by knowing the aspects of the relationship you can overcome these challenges easily. You can transform your life by making simple changes in your life.

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