Expectation Management at its simple but Best!

Expectation ManagementIt was 21 August 2001, and I was being interviewed for a job after being screened with a written test and this was my 200th interview in last 60 days…

Yes, you are right on an average I had given more than 3 interviews per day as a matter I had given interviews right at night 11:00 PM for a call center job and attended my next interview at morning 6:30 am for teaching at a coaching center. I was desperate for a job though my previous employer had confirmed me that he would support me with these unpaid leave till I find a job at Pune. Mr. Tripathi, who happened to be my college senior as well my Boss at Trips Computers, is a great person to work with but, I had my dreams to move to a better geography than Chandrapur.

I was sitting in front of Mr. Vedant Rajput a fair jolly and smart young guy full of grace.

He asked me did I know about web page development. I said I know how to assemble a computer and I know what is HTML but, I have no experience in web page development.

He asked me if I knew what is a Meta tag I said I don’t know but, I can find that out and learn. (Those days Google was not there)

He asked to do I know how to use Dreamweaver, MS frontpage express etc.
If I knew AddWeb Tools and many such questions…

Except few I had no answers for most of them.

At the end of the interview, he said he will hire me and what I expect as my salary. I told him I would expect Rs. 7,500/- (I was the lowest paid employee to start with). He said done and do I have a question for him.

I was happy, but, with 200 interviews I had dropped any fear for interviews, I knew it was just another one. I asked Mr. Vedant, I had not answered most of the questions so for what quality are you hiring me?

Mr. Vedant with all his poise said he is hiring me for my sincerity unusual and unlike my last 200 interviews I was surprised to know that I could be hired for such a quality.

I worked with Wonderfulbuys.com for next 11 months while the company grew from USD 3 million to USD 11 million with 5 acquisitions but, this long story is about expectation management.

Mr. Vedant placed his expectations very clearly right at the stage of the interview a company that had to grow 3 folds within a year needed sincere people and he was getting me on board for that. I was clear that I am being hired for my sincerity and that is what I should offer to the organization.

At WonderfulBuys.com in those days, we all had a great time because the expectations were set right…

But then why did most of us move out of WonderfulBuys.com…
Expectations change, Perceptions Change…
But Expectations can always be managed to its best.

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