Success and failure are the two important aspects of life. In fact, nobody plans to fail, but, many fail to plan. Do you believe that your life is stopped just because of failure, then you are on a path of giving it up completely?

Failure is a temporary situation, you need to fight hard to defeat it. At one point in time, all of us go through challenges and struggles in life. Who fights for the success is the real winner.

You need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to take up the challenges. Write your own destiny and become the master of your life.

In order to tackle the situation and fight for the success, you need a guide and philosopher, who will show you the right direction. Life Coach, Sarbananda‘s  counselling has helped many people overcome such situations.

With his unique spiritual and healing techniques, Sarbananda has been helping many people across the globe by solving their problems related to relationship, wealth, time management, career, and happiness.

He offers to counsel in following problem areas:

relationshipRelationship Counselling: It is the most important part of our life. According to a survey, 43 percent of Indian are not satisfied with the marriage. Maintaining a healthy relationship and married life are too challenging for couples, of late. Life Coach Sarbananda will help you to solve your relationship issues. Nobody can be happy with stress in a relationship, a consultation will help you to find the gray areas of your life. The session will not only address the problems but also, help you to learn the art of maintaining a good relationship.

wealthWealth Counselling: Around 75 percent of people go through the financial crisis every day. You’ll come across many crises including financial crises in your life. It could be due to your decision making. Sarbananda, best life coach, will help you to understand the challenges you have encountered while making big decisions. A consultation with him will help you to enhance your confidence to take the right decision at the right time, resulting in a success in your business and wealth management. It will not make you rich overnight, but certainly it helps you in better management and better decision making to overcome financial crises and reducing your agony.

careerCareer Counselling: More than 60 percent fail to select a right career. As a result, they have to pay the price for it. You need peace of mind while making important decisions in your life, in particular when you’re planning the career path. Are you’re puzzled about your career and stuck in a situation, where you are not leading to anywhere!! Are you are not sure about the career choices!! Calm down yourself. Life coach Sarbananda will guide you. He has helped many people and given them the right prediction & guidance in choosing the right career path.

HappinessHappiness Counselling: There could be lots of causes for the lack of happiness in your life. You try to figure out the exact reason for being not happy, but you end up becoming clueless. In order to find the real happiness in your life, you can take the help of Sarbananda, best life coach; one of the successful life coaches & spiritual gurus.

Other Services: 

healthHealth and Wellness: Have you been suffering from chronical and lifestyle diseases; gone through many treatments and no results so far? Have you tried to do some mental remedy and consult with counsellors to help you live a good healthy life? Consult with life coach Sarbananda, as he himself advises people with mental remedies and suggest options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the ultimate fight to live a better life, Sarbananda can help you to revive your inner spirit to deal with the diseases and how to change your approach towards living a healthy life.

decisionCritical Decisions: You are at a critical juncture of your life and you are in a confused state to make a decision, which could be related to your studies, career or your business. Most of the people have faced this kind of situations in their lives. During such situations, you would be looking for someone who could guide you to take important decisions of your life. You can consult with Sarbananda, life coach,  who helped many clients in taking important decisions in their personal and professional lives. He will provide you better insight on the situation you are in and gives you best counselling to transform your life by taking critical decisions.

life-partnerChoosing your Life Partner: You need to select a right life partner with whom you are going spend your entire life, as marriage is a life-long commitment. You will be very cautious taking such big decision in your life. How do you know that she/he is going to be your soul-mate? Why you stay attracted to few people in your lives and among them whom you choose to be your life partner? What qualities do you like and dislike? How is others’ approach towards you and is it progressive towards a marriage or not. Discuss with Life Coach Sarbananda and find out.

meaning of lifeThe purpose of life: Many of us will be wondering – what is the purpose of our life. Despite having a successful career and a complete family,  you have the quest to know about your life and the purpose. The career coach will help you know the real purpose of your life and his spiritual healing will give you a new direction to your life.

personality development and leadership qualitiesPersonality Development: Are you losing your impression in the team? Don’t worry, learn personality development tips and leadership qualities from life coach, Sarbananda. He will build confidence in you and transform your personality through his spiritual techniques.

Method of Consultation:  

Interaction (Primarily remote through chat, email, voice) Face to Face would depend on physical availability.